Criminology in Thailand

It could be said that the criminology in Thailand is in the transition period, shifted from a hundred years of a strong reliance on the western-oriented theories to the development of its own knowledge in order to describe the phenomenon of crimes and criminal behaviors in Thailand’s social context. In addition, currently there some Doctoral Degree or Ph.D. courses offered to students in the leading universities as well as various research and studies in criminological areas. This website is, therefore, one of the efforts to gather all relevant material regarding criminology in Thailand and to be widely recognized as

“Thailand’s Criminology Information Center”

Correction in Thailand

The knowledge of Corrections, which was formerly known as ‘penology’, is still important in Thailand although it has started to play a lesser and smaller role in the past decade. In fact, previously, penology and criminology were strongly related to each other and came together as the crucial parts of the social sciences. The major reason is that the corrections is the field of study concerning the criminal justice system and mainly focusing on the practices, functions and penal policies particularly on the treatment of inmates in prisons and the treatment of offenders in the community. Accordingly, the study on corrections tends to be faded from the academic sphere. Nevertheless, the objective of this website is to become Thailand’s Information Center for Corrections by collecting and sharing the comprehensive knowledge of corrections, both academic and practical.

Thai Corrections Museum, Nonthabury


The study of criminology in Thailand

Ph.D. Criminology student

at Chulalongkorn University

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