Released Prisoner  and  their New World after the Covid -19 Pandemic

The soon to-be-released prisoners and their new world

that will not be the same again after the COVID-19 pandemic


• The world after the pandemic of COVID-19 will not be the same again. The COVID-19 has caused massive changes in different aspects.


• Although the social reintegration of released prisoners is usually considered as a difficult mission to achieve, this will become more challenging in both during and after COVID-19 infection periods.


• It is expected to see the released prisoners confronting major problem about finding jobs as unemployment has hit normal workers in society at large. The economic recession and debt burden will lead to business crisis, especially when there is a dramatic transformation in consumer behavior to online shopping platforms.


• Some types of businesses cannot successfully perform as they did in the past, such as foot massage, hair salon and make-up service.


• Thus, it is interesting to see how Thai corrections will take steps to continue not only effectively reintegrating released prisoners but also preventing them from reoffending.